KC Online Active Pay Cloud

Knowledge Capture® Online (KC Online) Active Pay Cloud is an Accounts Payable Cloud solution built by financial experts to address the true needs of operationally dispersed but centrally managed businesses. KC Online Active Pay Cloud provides user-friendly applications that deliver powerful, configurable Accounts Payable functionality for improving critical accounting and financial processes, and driving quantifiable ROI.

KC Online is a robust and flexible solution for financial process automation. The KC Online Active Pay Cloud enables smarter invoice capture and management of traditionally paper-driven financial data and documents.

Save Processing Time. Ensure Accountability

By automating the collection, processing, and tracking of accounts payable, travel and expense, GL coding, and utility cost documentation, KC Online Active Pay Cloud standardizes disparate financial business content so that it may be analyzed and acted on quickly, bringing you unmatched time savings, error reductions, and the benefits of assured accountability.

Centralize collaboration. Streamline workflows.

Powered by the KC Online Cloud platform, access to Active Pay is consolidated within a central web portal, enabling streamlined collaboration between locations around business-critical AP and financial workflows.

Our user-friendly applications transform unstructured financial content from a costly struggle to a valuable advantage.

From reducing complexity and process cycle times to minimizing data entry errors and exceptions, KC Online Active Pay will drive immediate productivity benefits and quantifiable ROI.

  • Reduced time, errors and manual work

  • Improved vendor management

  • Improved visibility into AP liabilities

  • Reduced paper handling, routing and storage costs

  • Improved process analysis and information control

  • Improved real-time reporting capabilities

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