KC Online Case Manager Cloud

Knowledge Capture® Online (KC Online) Case Manager Cloud is a highly flexible and cost effective Cloud based Case Management solution designed to enable the mapping of your labour intensive, document centric business processes into highly compliant and efficient Checklist driven workflows. Enabling the consolidation of Case related documents, rich multi-media content, client data and Checklist workflow processes, KC Online Case Manager ensures your staff have the right information, at the right time to make informed process decisions.

Bring Control and Efficiency to Your Document Centric Business Processes

Knowledge Capture Online (KC Online) Case Manager Cloud is a fully hosted and managed Cloud based Case Management solution designed to enable organisations, of any size, to cost effectively bring control and efficiency to complex and business critical document centric processes. Used by organisations around the world, KC Online Case Manager Cloud is designed to streamline and automate any document business processes whether they are Mortgage/Loan Processing, Fund Management, Customer Onboarding through to Complaint Management and Change of Address processing.

Knowledge Capture Case Manager Cloud delivers a broad range of 'out of the box' business benefits and capabilities including:

  • Highly configurable Case Management application powered by ECM industry leading IBM FileNet technology

  • Includes a range of 'out of the box' and free of charge pre-defined Case Management applications such as Complaint Handling, Accounts Payable, Insurance Claims and HR

  • Seamless access to KC Online's Cloud based document, email and social media capture facilities for direct Case creation or Case population

  • Consolidation of Case related documents, data, and checklist status information into one unified client interface

  • Browser based ensuring secure access from any location

  • Automated Case service level definition, monitoring and escalation

  • Automatic logging of user system interactions with intuitive case based audit information analysis and reporting

  • Strict adherence to business processes with clear points of escalation depending on workflow outcomes

  • Document life cycle management via retention rules based Records Management (optional)

  • Insightful and real time management information reports delivery visibility of issues reasons, outcomes and timelines for resolution

  • NO capital investment - delivered as a Cloud based service on a per user, per month basis

It all begins with Capture...

In order to make Case Management work, it is essential that you have an efficient way to capture the vast amounts of Case related documents whether these be physical letters and contracts, emails, faxes or even social media posts and messages.

KC Online provides this through our fully hosted and managed document scanning, email archival and social media capture facilities.

As well as capturing documents/rich media, KC Online takes this a step further by delivering the ability to automatically classify all incoming documentation and from this assign a range of actions such as Create Case, Assign to Case (existing), Notify a person/team or trigger a new workflow process.

Case Management - Consolidation of Documents, Data and Checklist Actions

With thousands of users worldwide, KC Online Case Manager Cloud specialises in the ability to quickly and easily consolidate all Case related information into a single, easy to use Client interface. Case information can range from inbound and outbound documents, multimedia files, case related 'meta data', such as case reference number and customer name, electronic free form Case Notes through to the individual Checklist (workflow) steps that the Case has passed through as it is processed. By consolidating Case related information into a single Client, staff and managers can gain a 360 degree view of the Case and unique insights into the Case's status, bottlenecks, decisions made to date and outstanding actions for resolution.

Case Management - Checklist Driven Processing

Once a case is created and documents are either manually or automatically assigned, KC Online Case Manager Cloud provides the ability to define highly compliant, business process related Check Lists to control the processing of Cases.

Checklists can be defined for any document centric business process such as complaint handing, fraud review, new customer onboarding through to mortgage and claims processing. Associated against Checklist, KC Online Case Manager Cloud enables case escalation for supervisor/manager approval, case diarised suspension to ensure follow up actions are never missed and also SLA's and deadlines to ensure Cases are processed according to internal company service levels.

Deadline Dashboards, MI Reports and Queue Monitors

To ensure 100% visibility of all Case activity, KC Online Case Manager Cloud includes a range of 'out of the box' reporting and monitoring tools. Ranging from a real time browser based Deadline Dashboard client to a small desktop based Queue Monitor through to a comprehensive historic case reporting application, KC Online ensures you have the tools to make informative business decisions and gain insight from the processes taking place.

To discover how KC Online Case Manager Cloud can help your organisation cost effectively bring control and efficiency to the handling of Cases, contact Integritie today for a free demonstration and no-commitment trial.

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