Knowledge Capture Claims Manager Application

The Knowledge Capture® (KC) Claims Manager application, provided OnPremise or in the Cloud, effectively brings together all aspects of company claims handling processes from claim document capture and automatic data extraction through to strict Claim processing Checklist and Workflow based processes and approval escalation. KC Claims Manager seamlessly delivers the power to automatically capture and classify claims from any incoming channel, such as emails, social media communications, fax, SMS etc, with the power of checklist based workflows to ensure the total claims process is controlled.

Streamlined Claims Processing

Knowledge Capture® Claims Manager is a fully hosted and managed Cloud or OnPremise based service designed to enable Insurance organisations, of any size, to cost effectively process Claims. Starting from Claim form submission through to Claim review and final approval, KC Claims Manager takes agents through a Checklist of processing questions to ensure all relevant information is captured, actions are undertaken and a final approval or decline decision can be made.

The KC Claims Manager application delivers a broad range of 'out of the box' business benefits and capabilities including:

  • Single point of Claim capture, whether it was originally received via paper, email, social media or other electronic media

  • Fully inclusive feature rich Advanced Case Management solution

  • Consolidation of Claims based documents, data, and checklist status information in one unified client interface

  • Browser based, ensuring secure access from any location

  • Automated Claim service level monitoring and escalation

  • Automatic logging of user system interactions with intuitive case based audit information analysis and reporting

  • Strict adherence to business processes with clear points of escalation depending on workflow outcomes

  • Document life cycle management via retention rules based Records Management (optional)

  • Insightful and real time management information reports delivery visibility of Claim reasons, outcomes and timelines for resolution

  • 'Out of the box' claims handling checklist process with ability to adapt based on each organisations unique claims handling requirements

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Checklist Driven Claims Processing

KC Claims Manager for Insurance organisations includes a fully functional and feature rich Advanced Case Management platform designed to consolidate all Claims based documentation, internal forms and client interactions.

Incorporating a simple and intuitive Checklist based task workflow capability, Advanced Case Manager ensures that agents process claims though a set of Business approved checklist tasks and actions.

As agents pick up an open claim, checklists can be used to guide them through the necessary steps to process each claim.

Checklist processes are highly configurable and can be defined, or made flexible depending on a user's privileges. For example, a supervisor may have the ability to override, or redirect work, whereas a claims agent will follow a preapproved and designated path.

By driving productivity and improving organisational efficiency through the use of KC Claims Manager the overall quality of service will improve, along with an increase in response times, ultimately improving the overall customer experience. KC also helps maintain tight regulatory compliance, ensuring that all SLA's are adhered to.

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Dynamic Checklist 'Claims Process' Adaptations

KC Claims Manager has the tools to dynamically adapt with ever changing rules and regulations. By utilising a checklist driven approach, steps can be added or removed depending on the need, and the entire process can be customised to specifically deal with any type of claim, no matter the industry.

To discover how KC Knowledge Capture® Claims Manager can help your organisation cost effectively bring control and efficiency to the handling of Insurance Claims, contact Integritie today for a free demonstration and no-commitment trial.

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