Knowledge Capture Complaints Manager Cloud

The Knowledge Capture (KC) Complaints Manager application, provided OnPremise or in the Cloud, is designed to bring control, consistent levels of service and approved issue resolution to the complaint handling process. The KC Complaints Manager application ensures that complaints are quickly identified and efficiently owned and resolved first time, every time. Seamlessly delivering the power to automatically capture and classify complaints from any incoming channel, such as emails, social media communications, fax, SMS etc, with the power of checklist based workflows to ensure the total complaint process is controlled.

KC Complaint Management Demonstrations

From Complaint Capture Through to Issue Resolution

KC Complaints Manager is a fully hosted and managed Cloud or OnPremise based solution designed to enable organisations, of any size, to cost effectively capture customer issues/complaints, regardless of the media of communication, and process via business configured rules based checklist workflows.

By coupling powerful information capture technologies such as document imaging, email and social media monitoring with 'out of the box' complaint handling checklists and workflows, KC Complaints Management enables customers to register their complaints and grievances through any media channel, safe in the knowledge that these will always be captured, processed and resolved.

Knowledge Capture Complaints Manager delivers a broad range of 'out of the box' business benefits and capabilities including:

  • Single point of complaint capture, whether it was originally received via paper, email, social media or other electronic media

  • 'Out of the box' complaint handling checklist process to control the process for each complaint with ability to adapt your business process, based on each organisations unique complaint handling requirements

  • Consolidation of complaint documents related to each complaint incident, providing one unified client view of everything

  • Browser or phone based view ensuring secure access from any location

  • Strict adherence to business processes with clear points of escalation depending on workflow outcomes, controlling and driving service level commitments

  • Insightful and real time online dashboard management reporting, providing visibility of each complaint, the reasons, outcomes and timelines for resolution

Beyond Paper and eMail to Social Media Complaint Handling

KC Complaints Manager extends beyond just the capture of phone, letter and email complaints to uniquely enable the capture and automatic classification of social media based complaints and the delivery of a truly 'blended' complaint handling capability.

KC enables organisations to monitor their social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ Instagram etc), automatically identifying customer's complaints amongst the vast noise of social media banter.

Once KC has automatically identified a complaint, using the KC fully automated content analytics and sentiment processing, business based rules and actions can be defined to perform actions such as automatic social media channel message responses, email notification, message prioritisation and uniquely, automatic Complaint Management 'Case' creation.

Real Time Dashboard Reports via KC Qi

The KC Complaints Management solution feeds directly into the KC Qi reporting module, providing businesses with drill-able dashboards based on the content being captured, analysed and processed.

These reports enable businesses to not only see volume based metrics relating to their business processes, but drill into this data to do root cause analysis to understand the core business challenges.

This data can also be used to understand how efficient staff are within the business, understand performance based metrics which can provide critical data back to the business to align further training or education to staff.

To discover how KC Complaint Manager Cloud can help your organisation cost effectively bring control and efficiency to the handling of customer Complaints, contact Integritie today for a free demonstration and no-commitment trial.


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