Knowledge Capture Correspondence Managment in the Cloud

Knowledge Capture (KC) Correspondence Manager is designed to bring control, service level achievement, transparency and strict process adherence to the capture, classification (sorting), assignment and processing of inbound and outbound correspondence. KC Correspondence Manager ensures that all inbound correspondence is captured at source, accurately classified and allocated to the appropriate teams/departments for processing whether this be for account opening applications, change of address requests, Job applications or complaint management.

Correspondence Management - The Business Issue

Organisations today operate in increasingly competitive, cost sensitive and service level driven environments and nowhere is this more relevant than in the timely and efficient handling of correspondence. One lost or incorrectly handled item of correspondence and the organisation can find itself with a lost sales opportunity, complaint on its hands and at worst a lost customer and potentially even a legal penalty.

Whilst often overlooked the efficient handling of correspondence is actually the life blood of any organisation and yet considering the business critical nature of this process is it is staggering how ad-hoc, manual and unaudited most organisations correspondence management processes are.

Even if an organisation addresses the efficient receipt and distribution of correspondence the challenges don't end there as inevitably each item of correspondence triggers at least one or more major or minor business processes.

Whilst it is fair to assume that all of the major business processes that drive an organisations business will be in place such as Claims Processing for Insurance and Investment Management for Finance it is typically the minor processes that are frequently overlooked, manual in nature and unaudited in terms of service levels. When you consider that these 'minor' business processes are frequently Change of Address, Complaint Handling, Change of Marital Status and Requests for Information you begin to see that these minor processes are actually just as import as the major processes all be it less glamorous and headline grabbing.

Knowledge Capture Correspondence Manager - The Solution

KC Correspondence Manager is a fully hosted and managed Cloud or On Premise correspondence management solution designed to enable organisations, of any size, to cost effectively capture, process and manage inbound and outbound correspondence.

By coupling powerful information capture and analysis technologies with an 'out of the box' intuitive correspondence registration, processing and reporting client KC Correspondence Manager enables organisations to register the receipt of correspondence, perform manual or automatic correspondence triage and drive the item of correspondence through checklist driven business processes with clear SLA's, deadlines and transparent auditability.

KC Correspondence Manager - The Big Picture

Correspondence Management is the process of receiving, recording/logging, appropriately allocating, processing and responding to correspondence in a timely and accurate manner. KC Correspondence Management achieves this through its unique end to end correspondence capture, automatic analysis/classification, work queue assignment and reporting capabilities.

Beyond Physical Correspondence to eMail and Social Media Correspondence Handling

KC Correspondence Manager extends beyond just the capture and automatic classification of physical 'white mail' correspondence to uniquely enable the capture and automatic classification of emails and Social Media based correspondence and the delivery of a truly 'blended' correspondence handling capability. Including connectors to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram KC Correspondence Manager enables Social Media correspondence to be automatically captured, analysed (classified) assigned to appropriate 'work queues' and processed based on organisational SLA's.

Correspondence Registration, Work Queue Assignment and Checklist Driven Processing

The key to the success of KC Correspondence Manager resides in its ability to register the receipt of correspondence and the automatic allocation of correspondence to team, department or line of business based 'work queues'. Once assigned appropriate members of staff are notified of the correspondence items arrival and can commence their daily duties in terms of processing and internal and external communications.

By harnessing the power of business process aligned 'checklists' to drive either all or optional items of correspondence through associated business processes, KC Correspondence Manager ensures that all items of correspondence are processed the same way, with the same high levels of customer service. Defined Check Lists ensure that the processing of correspondence adherences to regulatory requirements regardless of the level of knowledge and experience of the member of staff processing the correspondence item.

SLA's, Deadlines and Dash Board Reporting

Increasing the ability to set, monitor and enforce service levels against work items is becoming ever more critical as both internal and external regulatory or good corporate governance standards are imposed. Through its 'out of the box' ability to set SLA's and Deadlines against individual items of correspondence, KC Correspondence Manager enables organisations to set, monitor and real time report on each and every item of correspondence's compliance against the organisations key measures of customer service success and corporate governance.

To discover how KC Correspondence Manager can help your organisation bring control, cost savings, efficiency and regulatory compliance to you correspondence management processes contact us today for a free demonstration.


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