KC Online Voice Capture

Knowledge Capture® Online (KC Online) Voice Capture enables businesses to capture and archive their telephone conversations and other audit files directly into our ECM repository, and automatically creates a searchable transcript of each audio conversation.

The key differentiation is KC Online creates a highly intelligent transcript of each telephone call, converting each audio file into content analytics search enabled text.

The KC Online Voice Capture application enables businesses to efficiently search through audio files, automatically identifying the most important words and parts of each conversation. The KC Online Voice Capture Module enables businesses to move away from a laborious, manual process of searching through audio files, having to listen to each word, providing immediate access to the audio conversations of interest.

Secure Archive of all Business Data

The KC Online Voice Capture application enables businesses to capture and archive all voice recordings and audio files such as Telephone Calls, into the secure KC Online repository along with all other business data, such as images, PDF files, word, excel, faxes and other business data.

The ability to archive audio files is nothing new, however traditionally these files would be stored within a data silo with no integration with other data sources. With the KC Online Voice Capture module, businesses are now able to search through these files using a "Google" type search to understand when and in what context certain keywords or phrases are being used.

Comprehensive Data Analysis

KC Online Voice Capture Cloud

When interrogating audio files within the KC Online repository, smart analysis enables files and phrases to be linked together to enable businesses to identify trends and build networks of data.

Search terms can then be used as "ripples" to see how key information is disseminated, and link together how certain phrases or keywords are being used within multiple files.

The KC Online Voice Capture module is designed to "learn" what is important within phone conversations and extract data into indexable and searchable phrases. The system can then focus on what is important to the user, rather than trying to index every "erm" or "um".

Built in emotional analysis tools can also detect sentiment across the whole data set, including text data. Foreign language communication can be captured within text documents and relevant matching English documents and voice files can be quickly identified.

Visual Searching

Out the box, the KC Online Voice Capture module includes the ability to visually search through keywords that are contained in multiple audio files.

Users are able to search through the KC Online repositories via keywords and phrases to identify the audio files where mentions are found. Users are then able to click through to these audio files to see exactly where within the file these keywords were used, rather than having to manually search through the file to find relevant information.

Keywords are highlighted, and the audio file jumps to the specific location to improve efficiency and accuracy.

The system also provides a karaoke like playback of the audio file, highlighting words as its goes.

KC Online Voice Capture Cloud

Integration with KC Online

The KC Online Voice Capture module is inherently integrated with the wider KC Online solution, enabling voice files to be stored within the secure repository, along with all other traditional business data such as electronic documents, images and video files.

Voice files can also be used as supporting information within Integritie's Advanced Case Management tool, to enable customer calls be stored alongside letters, emails and social media posts. Using our checklist driven solution customer care agents are able to have a single view of all customer details whilst progressing case's efficiently and compliantly.

To discover how KC Online Voice Capture can cost effectively help your organization store and index your businesses audio files, contact Integritie today for a free demonstration and no-commitment quotation.

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