Knowledge Capture® Online On Premise

Knowledge Capture Online (KC Online) is an out of the box content management system, specialising in HR, complaints, claims and social media management, designed to bring control, efficiency and continuity of service to your processes. KC Online is totally secure, always available 24/7 and customers can be onboarded within 72 hours.

KC Online FileNet OnPremise

Single Information View

KC Online Applications provide 'secure' access to all business information from a single business client and directly from line of business applications, delivering a single secure sign-on for immediate access to all authorised business information.

Utilising powerful workflow technology, our business applications will align to your specific business processes. By automating information capture and previously manual oriented tasks, the overall time taken to process information will be speeded up, streamlining your organisation and increasing staff efficiency.

KC Online controls the life cycle of content, including:

  • Documents, image, eMail, Social Media Capture

  • Advance Case Management and Workflow

  • Content Life Cycle Control

  • Information Defensibility

  • Information Destruction

Always Available

KC Online is "always on" and available for access anywhere in the world from your PC, iPad, laptop, or mobile smartphone device, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. KC Online brings people, information and processes together wherever they are, whenever it is. Only an internet connection is required. Information can be reviewed, updated and approved in line with your business processes remotely, making it immediately available to your colleagues and teams

Fast Easy Onboarding

KC Online was designed and built based on a five tier Gold VM architecture. The Gold VM enables Integritie to onboard new KC Online customers anywhere in the world within 72 Hours.

Integritie provides KC Online applications for a monthly fee, installed on the Customer server.

Document Management and Workflow

KC Online offers fully functional lifecycle management for all document types. Utilising powerful workflow technology, you can share, collaborate and manage documents within KC Online.

Integrated with Microsoft Office, you can easily create, manage, distribute and archive documents in line with your business processes and policies. For a small monthly fee, the KC Online Document Management solution will provides:

  • Life cycle management of documents from creation to archive

  • Safe distribution of documents to people with the correct access rights

  • Check in / check out and full version control

  • Automated routing of documents to people or teams for amendments or approval

  • Optional Records Management capability for retention and final destruction

Records Management

KC Online provides a fully integrated records management capability to control the end to end life cycle of individual documents, files, emails and incoming messages such as social media communication.

This integrated approach provides a seamless process for organisations who need to adopt Records Management and apply retention policies to ensure relevant documents are retained for the specified period. KC Online Records manager provides policy based document retention that complies with formal Records Management standards such as DoD 5015.2, TNA, DOMEA, VERS, ISO 15489, and MoReq.

Advanced Case Management

KC Online Advanced Case Management is an industry-leading work management solution that helps organisations by bringing people, processes and information together.

Combining sophisticated work delivery & automation techniques with the management of content from any source, KC Online enables businesses to get the right person performing the right task at the right time.

KC Online uses checklist driven case management to ensure work is progressed consistently, accurately & efficiently. This is coupled with strong reporting capabilities, straight-through automation and location independence, to deliver real competitive advantage.

Complaints Management

KC Online Complaint Processing is a module that offers full life cycle workflow management and control of incoming complaints, from initial capture to final resolution.

All incoming complaints are automatically captured at source and immediately directed to a complaints queue where they can be instantly assessed, prioritised and routed to the correct team for resolution.

An important differentiator of KC Online is the capability to automatically detect and capture complaints, abuse or profanity from customers using Social Media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

More and more organisations are taking advantage of social media but do not have an automated means to capture, control, and appropriately manage complaints. KC Online enables you to do that.

Accounts Payable

KC Online Accounts Payable incorporates the very latest image capture, Optical Character Recognition and content management technology. By utilising Accounts Payable Online (AP Online) you can seamlessly manage your whole accounts payable function, from initial processing through to approvals and archiving that results in increased productivity and impressive cost savings.

AP Online is an out of the box solution that can be customised in line with your financial processes and can be integrated with your line of business financial systems. By automating your accounts payable function could save you up to 50% in operating costs.

Bulk Extractor and Bulk Loader

Free yourself from your incumbent Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution. KC Bulk Extractor enables the rapid and controlled extraction of documents, in their native format, and Meta data from the world’s leading ECM technologies including IBM FileNet, Content Manager and OnDemand as well as SharePoint, OpenText and Documentum.


SMC4 is a complete Social Media and messaging solution to enable automated capture, control, communication and compliancy when adopting Social Media. SMC4 automatically analyses all inbound communication and takes specific actions on every inbound message, irrespective of where it came from.

All Social Media messages are automatically captured as received and stored in their original form within micro-seconds. Multiple Social Media and messaging feeds are captured, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, emails, SMS texts and Google+.

Filenet Cloud

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